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Joseph Michael Howarth - Professional Toronto Photographer
Joseph Michael Howarth

Timeless photography doesn't just happen, it's created.

Capture perfect moments that live on forever.

Passionately pursuing the art of photography for over 17 years, Joseph Michael Photography has helped countless businesses, artists, couples and families in Toronto beautifully capture their most important moments. Combining technical skill, warm friendliness and a creative spirit, Joseph will not only take the images you need, but also the images you never knew you needed. 

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Corporate Event and Conference Photography

Professionally promote your business and event.

Do you typically rely on a communications intern with a smart phone to take photos at your business events? Do you think you don’t have the budget to take quality photos to sell your business and instead call your niece to take photos for you? Are you always disappointed you don’t have more high quality photos, or, actually, any good photos at all? That’s kind of on you, not the intern or your niece.  Everyone thinks they are good at photography with a smart phone, but they really aren’t. 

Get a pro. Maximize your marketing efforts with professional photos for your conference or event.Try it one time and see what you get. Your intern will thank you, but more importantly, you’ll thank yourself! 

Wedding Photography

Relive the most special moments of your life, time and time again…. timelessly!

Capture once-in-a-lifetime moments you will fall in love with, over and over again, for years to come. Expert photography with years of experience to help guide you through the day. 

Affordable rates so you don’t have compromise, rates so good you won’t have to break the budget or get your uncle with a DSLR to documenting your special day.

For really great and really affordable wedding photography in Toronto, Joseph Michael Photography is the place to go!

Corporate & Business Headshots and Portraits

Do yourself and your brand a favour, get a professional headshot. 

Couple of things on this. 1) Good headshots can’t be taken as a selfie or on a web camera. 2) If you know someone with a good headshot or profile photo, they more than likely had a professional take it.  If that’s not you, what are you waiting for?  Like, just because no one is telling you your photo isn’t very good and should be replaced doesn’t mean it’s not very good and should be replaced… that’s just a really tough thing to tell someone. I’m telling you. Get it replaced. Represent yourself better. You deserve this! 

Great news, Joseph has a portable studio and can be at your home or business to take some really amazing photos of you and your team this afternoon, tomorrow, whatever you need, all you have to do is reach out. Contact him here. 

Family Photography

Truth is, you will never look any younger, or thinner, or happier, or more full of life (read hair), than you do today! Oh, and the kids grow up quickly too!  

Step away from the busy day-to-day life to capture the happiness and unique personality of your family. Lock away the specialness of today so you can cherish it forever. 

Think about that photo of yourself taken when you were in your 20s, that you didn’t like when it was taken? Now, looking at it, don’t you realize how silly that was. Now you know how beautiful and amazing you were then, and marvel that you would have ever thought differently. Well, same can be said for today! Sure, you haven’t been to the gym in years and you got a little more than love handles… who cares! Thirty years from now you will envy every ounce of you and cherish that wonderful family memory together. 

Plus, think about the kids! Let someone else helplessly attempt to get them to smile on queue and look at the camera! Just kidding, we are pros at this, we got it. 

Arts and Band Photography

Professionally promote your band or theatre or festival or dance company with unique and eye catching images.

There’s nothing like high-quality photography to elevate your brand, services and event. Joseph Michael Photography works with you to create the right images to capture your unique creativity. 

Keep in mind, this is his favourite thing to photograph, he want to work with you on any budget, he just loves getting creative with you! 

Family Events and Celebrations Photography

Relive the most special moments of your life.

Enjoy the day you’ve spend countless hours planning, spend time having a drink and catching up with friends or the one parent of your kid’s friends you actually like, or escape for awhile, go upstairs and buy something for yourself online shopping, knowing full well that you have someone there to capture all the beautiful moments you helped create by planning such a wonderful event. Alternatively, you could be disappointed with all the terrible cell phone photos everyone else took, or wonderful why Uncle Steven didn’t take more photos with his DSLR like he said he would when everyone else knows it was because he was flirting with your neighbour. 

My goodness, you put so much work into planning the event, you might as well have good evidence it happened and that people had the best time ever! 

Photography for Family Events including Birthdays, Anniversary, first communion, baptism, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, or a prom

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