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Photography for Performers & Musicians

At Joseph Michael Photography, we pride ourselves in creating photos that are not only social media worthy, but also magazine and press release worthy. With both creative and technical excellence, we deliver photos that perfectly capture your unique passion and creativity.

Professional band and arts photography requires skills, experience, and timing. Whether you need action shots, an album cover, or some new kick ass portraits, we can help!

Joseph Michael Photography has photographed some of the most important art festivals, theatre and dance performances in the city including Nuit Blanche, Hot Docs, TIFF,  Factory Theatre, and Dusk Dances.

At Joseph Michael, we have the equipment and the experience to deliver exceptional photos for performers and creative professionals.

Photograph of a Toronto musician posing for album cover
Toronto Band Photographer
Portrait of a Toronto musician and singer
Photograph of a featured arts and theatre show in Toronto
Toronto Dance Photography Dusk Dances
Toronto Theatre Photographer Factory Theatre

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