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Your engagement is such an exciting time! Your love for one another is bound by your unique connection and personalities. Let’s plan photos together that capture your fun and loving relationship.

A loving and special commitment

The Road To Forever

At Joseph Michael Photography, engagement shoots offer a time to get to know the couple, hang out, and take some fun photos.

Engagement shoots can be taken anywhere. From amusement parks to dog parks, from waterfronts to abandoned barns. Not sure where to take your engagement shoot? Think ahead to what season you would like to shoot in and what personal touch you might want to include such as a theme, activity, or location.

Your engagement shoot is all about showcasing your unique personalities, your memories, and your relationship.

Beautiful woman poses with her fiance for an engagement photo
Newly engaged couple pose on a park bench for a fall engagement photo
Young engaged couple pose with hands in each other's pockets during an engagement photo
Young trendy couple posing in downtown Toronto in front of a building wall painted with graffiti
Featured engagement photo shoot for Toronto couple
Engagement shoot for young Toronto couple

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