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I get asked all the time by newly engaged couples where they should take their wedding or engagement photos in the GTA. Often times couples have chosen their venue but they are not sure what good parks or locations are nearby that allow for great wedding photos. Well, finally, there is an interactive map to answer all these questions. So, without further ado, after a month of hard work (give or take a year), an interactive map of Toronto and GTA wedding venues and photography locations.

The map functions like any google map, you can zoom in or out and move in any direction. Click on a marker to see the venue description. To read the map, you should know:

Red Markers: Wedding Reception Venues
Green and Blue Markers: Wedding and Engagement Photo Locations

The list of wedding venues and locations is far from exhausted. At the moment there are over 90 locations on the map, but there are thousands more. If I have learned one thing over my years as a photographer, you can get great shots almost anywhere, but I’ve done my best to comprise a list of some of the more popular place to get married or have wedding or engagement photos taken in the Toronto region.

The map is a work in progress, I will improve it over the coming years to make it easier to view. My web developing skills are in progress and there is a lot more I wish I knew about google maps, but it’s about time I shared this map with curious couples in the city.

More venues and locations will be added over time, but please let me know if there is a place you would like added to the map or any information that is incorrect or needs updating. You can contact me at

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