IPM 2008

I’ve lived in this province for most of my life and I had never heard of the International Plowing Match. I guess they don’t advertise it much in the city, but they should, it’s an event I know more than a few people would love to check out.

This year I went as a part of a gig to shoot one of the displays set up for the week long festival about three hours from Toronto in a little town called Teeswater, ON. The event drew over an estimated 84,000 people, who, from what I could tell, were especially friendly.

Highlight: I got to ride from my parking spot to the event on a flatbed carriage pulled by a tractor. Good times.

The festival changes venue every year (next year it will be in Temiskaming, ON) and so it’s a big event for politicians to visit. See photos of Dalton McGuinty and John Tory driving tractors below.

John Tory on a tractor IPM
Dalton McGuinty on a tractor IPM