JMU Gulu Exhibit

JMU Gulu Exhibit

On February 16, 2008 James Madison University’s new Prism Gallery opened a photography exhibit entitled Through Her Eyes. The exhibit features photos taken by Child Mothers in Northern Uganda taken with disposable cameras. These images reveal the daily lives in IDP camps for these women, showing us how they live and what is important to them.

The exhibit also features 20 images from my week in Gulu documenting the work of Zion Project , an NGO dedicated to helping the child mothers become “spiritually, emotionally, and physically whole.”

Money raised from the sale of the photos goes to support the work of Zion Project.

To find out more about Zion Project, read an interview with the NGO founder Sarita Hartz.

Photos of the exhibit opening by Frank Ameka can be viewed here.



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