Media Coverage – Waving Flags

The opening was amazing and a huge thanks goes to all who came out.

It’s been a surreal two weeks and the media coverage for the World Cup project has been incredible.

Here is a sample of the coverage:


CBC Television: Connect with Mark Kelley (fast forward to 42:15, refresh page if play button doesn’t come up right away). This is my favorite by far. It took two hours to film what with all the drunk fans in the background and my rambling answers on two hours of sleep.

CTV’s Canada AM

I also did a live three minute spot on CBC NN and an hour long spot on Rogers Cable for “Goldhawk Live” which was really fun. I can’t find links for those but I have them on tape thanks to my mom.


Toronto Star

Toronto Community News

There was also a very cool four page story in Toronto’s Chinese Newspaper Ming Pao Saturday Magazine. I can’t read it, but there were lots of photos and it looks like a lot of fun. I’ll try to post the print edition when I get around to it. I’ll also try to post the print edition of the Toronto Star article as it was a full page in the paper and looks much more significant. 🙂


CBC Radio Toronto: Here and Now

CBC Radio Toronto: Big City, Small World

CFRB 1010

I don’t have links to any of these segments, but hope to find some in the coming weeks.



CTV News

CBC New Toronto iDesk with Mike Wise

CBC Sports Mobile Journalists

Toronto Loft Blog


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