Photo of the Week: Jan 5 – Jan 11 2009

Okay, so I’ll admit, it’s pretty lame to pick myself as the photo of the week, but…

1) This week on CBC Radio I heard about and was inspired by Canadian photographer Jeff Harris who has been taking a self-portrait each day for 10 consecutive years. Pretty impressive commitment. I thought I’d do it at least once to start the year. 2) It was really cold out this week and I’ll admit, ventured out very little. 3) While growing my third or fourth full beard, for the first time I’ve noticed a massive white patch of hair to the right of my chin. While I think it’s kind of cool looking, it makes me feel a little old, even though it may have more to do with my vitiligo than anything else (yep, I just looked it up, vitiligo can affect hair follicles… probably explains my eyelashes too).

If you didn’t notice, the photo is actually a mini-movie of 7 still images. Reload the browser to see them all again. It’s really a depth-of-field study.