Poetry and Photos: A Collaboration, Part 1 and 2

The first two in an on-going collaboration with the delightful poet/writer/artist Lisdsay Zier-Vogel. The top pair is a photo inspired by a poem, the bottom pair is a poem inspired by a photo… many more to come, so stay tuned.


July reopens
like fingers from a fist,
August, September,
pressed tight –
palm against palm,
bumping into one another.

And October collects like
bubbles on the walls of the glass,
mornings slipping into afternoons,
as Monday
gathers itself
in the centre of the room.

Poem by Lindsay Zier-Vogel



A bridge stretches the length of a sentence
and the sky splinters into fingers
spread wide from an open palm.

His palms press against rust-smooth metal,
hands that will smell
like pocket-warm pennies
for the rest of Sunday.

Poem by Lindsay Zier-Vogel



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