Toronto Skyline at Sunset – Engagement Shoot from Cherry Beach

Sunset Engagement Shoot Toronto Skyline

I was pretty excited when Christina and Les asked to get an engagement photo at sunset with the skyline of Toronto. I had shot something similar from Humber Bay Park and the Toronto Island, but seeing as we did our main shoot from The Distillery District, it made sense to make our way to Cherry Street for the sunset. Pretty annoying how industrialized the whole street is, the only decent view of the city is from The Docks parking lot and they have a large sign discouraging professional photos. Instead, I decided to give Cherry Beach a shot, and at the very end of the beach, all the way through the dog park, there is a pretty fantastic view of the city. We got lucky it was such a clear night and a beautiful sunset.

Sunset Engagement Shoot Toronto Skyline

I love how the two most iconic Toronto symbols, the CN Tower and cranes building condos, are the most prominent things in the skyline.

Sunset Engagement Shoot Toronto Skyline


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