Icicles – Beautiful or Deadly?

Toronto Icicles

I noticed these two icicles growing on my balcony last night and I loved the way the Christmas lights were reflected in their spherical wonderment… awesome… but then I thought, as I’m sure most of us have when we see these massively sharp blocks of ice, “Man, these are really dangerous, how many people are killed by an icicle each year!?!” It turns out, it’s a lot. Google it and you’ll find there are loads of people who die each year from icicles, including dozens every year in Russia, and about 15 a year in the United States. According to wiki answers that’s puts the icicle death rate at .00000625% in the United States.

Then again, people die in all sorts of strange ways. Turns out, in America people die from vending machines almost the same rate.



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